Our Offices

Our Mission
 The Cardiovascular Group of Syracuse is committed to….
  • Providing the highest quality cardiovascular care to our patient population.

  • Implementing the most advanced methods of Education, Prevention, Early Detection, Clinical Management, and Rehabilitation of the cardiovascular disease process.

  • Becoming a recognized leader in the cardiovascular health care field.

  • Employing and supporting the most highly qualified staff that will enable the Group to reach these goals.

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Contact Information
Liverpool office
5100 West Taft Road, Suite 4J, Liverpool, NY 13088
315.701.2170 (telephone) 315.701.2186 (fax)
Fayetteville Office
4507 Medical Center Dr. Fayetteville, NY 13066
315.663.0500 (telephone) 315.663.0514 (fax)

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